Biodanza Festivals

As dancers we’re always on the hunt for new special moments with music, dances, encounters, etc
– so that’s what we’re here to invite you!
Today very proudly we present

Alegria Biodanza Festivals

Wake up people and dance!
Awakening Passion for Life!
You do not have to follow
certain steps: just take your
shoes off and dance!
No steps to learn,
just be happy,
be grateful,
be inspired and celebrate.

Feel the Love

Loving is a very real thing, an essential human quality, a necessity, a priority.
Love connects us and heal, Love creates bonds and celebrate beauty.
Loving honors the deepest core essence that we all are, when Love enters the dance floor as you then there is no need for lighting to brighten up the place.
You all are light; we all are, dancing beauty rays.
Tonight is an invitation to come brighten up your life and share in this radiance with others, so together we make a really shiny Dance Fiesta.

Five reasons to dance your first Alegria Biodanza Festival

the experience

Experiencing a music festival live is unlike any concert experience in this world. You will not be in a huge arena. You will be outside, enjoying the fresh air, and you will be soaking in an atmosphere that is second to none.


You will be able to wear outfits at festivals that you would normally not wear any other time of the year. If you have ever taken a look at the clothes people where at festivals such as Coachella, these are the outfits that will be acceptable at music festivals all over the country. There are no rules when it comes to summer festival attire, so come up with something creative, and something that will make you stand out.

Being Outdoor

One of the best reasons for attending a summer music festival is the joy of being outside the whole time during the event. During the cooler months, you will be inside, but once the weather turns warm, you will be able to let the sun kiss your face, and breathe in the fresh air as your favorite band or DJ rocks the stage for the thousands of music fans that will be among yo

Make New Friends

Alegria Biodanza Festivals are attended by throngs of like-minded dance fans. If you’re at a country music festival, than you will be around country music fans. If you’re at an EDM festival, you will be among EDM fans. The point is, these festivals will be the perfect grounds to make new friendships that will last for a lifetime. Or at least until the festival is over.
Alegria Biodanza Festivals werden von Scharen von gleichgesinnten Tanzfans besucht.


You’re there for the music, why else would you be attending a music festival? Sure there are more components to a summer festival like arts and crafts, but the music is the main reason why you should be attending the festival, and music just sounds just so much better outside