Alegria Biodanza Festival Flyer 2019

19. Alegria Biodanza Festival

Celebrate Vivencias with all Facilitators from the Biodanza Network. The Passion and fire of the ending summer – this is the Alegria Biodanza Festival in Proitze. It is highly inspirational with it is full dynamic as wild and energetic. We are dancing in communion with our hearts. Together we celebrate love and life and share our experience it’s about to feel our self and our breath.

We will start at 7pm on Sep 5, 2019
We will end 3pm Sep 8, 2019

Festival price €190 (Our early bird tickets are available until Jun 30)

very proudly presents by

MCArrieta supported by Facilitators of Biodanza Network Germany

Seminarhof Proitzer Mühle in Schnega

Alegria Biodanza Festival Flyer 2019